“Creating Memorable Experience”

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I served some one wealthy, a public figure, or out-of-towner I get so nervous. Especially, when they share a bit about their last experience whether it’s good, or bad. The perfectionist in me always gets in the way to act natural and authentic in every way possible. Lol, what to do with this? 

Anyway, I have a client visiting for the very first time in the shop I work. He and the whole family drove in from the East. Our receptionist relatse back to me what he said he didn’t like about the company back east. He felt like just a number, issues after issues, and instead looking at the root of the problem the employees of the company will blame the technology, or the delivery. Every one and everything got the blame, but themselves. This is my issue with any large corporation, they have lost the art of customer service. I used to work with company like that. I left after 1-1/2 year.  It’s better for this company to start cleaning their own act and treat their  customers professionally. This way, people will feel being understood and be more empathetic at them. 

I feel however, responsible to make sure his visit with us is something very positive. One of my philosophies in life is that we only have 10 seconds to make an impact. And based on the body language, his smile, and tips he gave me, not to mention the satisfaction look from his wife I say I won his business over. I have the feeling, even though, he lives east that he will continue his patronage with us in years to come. So lessons learned today? People no matter what their skin color is, their status in society, and educations, want to be treated with integrity and respect. If it is in my power to do what is good and what is right I will not hesitate to act. What about you? 

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How would you respond when someone tells you you saved my life, twice? (Not literally like; jumping on an icy water down the lake, or pulling someone from a burning house, kind of talk.) I think, this is one of a description of someone saying; you have inspired me to look at another options for my career! 

How about Sasha? This person truly exist. I met this introvert, young lady maybe three months ago, she is very sweet and going to high school. I ask her what she wants to do in life? Simple questions, right? Wrong! Very few people could actually answer this question without hesitations. So, Sasha didn’t know the answer to that and she was very candid about it! I guess she was challenged enough to do some soul searching in the directions that’s best for her in the long run. Here are some questions I posed to Sasha before we parted our ways. 

1. What are the kind of things you enjoy doing? Not what people expects of you?

2. What are your passion? That when you do it you find satisfaction in it?

3. Do you see yourself doing that career in five years, ten years, or twenty years?

4. How do you describe your gifts, personality, and values? Can you see it intertwining with your career options?

5. Would you be willing to use your purpose to make an impact into changing the world?

Our second meeting; Sasha came up to me. As we were catching up she told me how much she loves designing clothes and that she’s wanting to become a fashion designer. Ah, without any hesitation, I told Sasha that my niece and sister are amazing designers and told her that she must learn how to sew. She is very excited of this news because she was looking very hard to find someone who could teach her how to sew, well. At this very moment that I understood her words “you saved me twice”. In her mind, it is a confirmation to pursue a career in the fashion industry. I am happy to help Sasha find her passion, early on in life. I was one of those people to have had someone who believed and saw my potentials and had encouraged me to pursue it. If you have been helped before why not help others today?

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“House Cleaning”

It has been a whirlwind of exciting stuff around here this week. The weather is more than cooperating, attended the picnic, meeting new friends, catching with the old, lots of cooking, lately. Gardening is on-going, thing. Biking more this year, still volunteering, church life. Whew! It’s full, isn’t it?

To be honest, I kind of ignoring my own home. So today, I decided to do my cleaning. Wipes all the furniture, wipe the walls, the pictures, and clean the bathroom. We just got our dishwasher machine fixed today, too. Yay! My husband is happy because he hates washing the dishes by hands. He’s been doing a lot of hand washing, lately. Lol. Did you have an awesome Monday?

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I love picnics! Every one gathers around. Bring ethnic foods, bring your favorite drinks. Enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the story. Let’s talk a little, or let’s talk a lot. Children and adults are kicking soccer ball to score. When we feel tired we have blankets on the ground, and when were cold, grab the blanket and wrap yourself to warm. We hug and say; glad you came. Then we hug again and say our goodbyes, until next time.

In the picnic, we have our old friends, present, as well as the new. Catch up with the old friends, but remembering to make someone, new, welcome. We don’t need to try so hard to be appreciated. If the language is hard to communicate use all the body signals to tell him/her, you’re happy they came. Love has no boundary and no limits.

Why I like picnic? I like it because of food, drinks, the games, the people, the scenery, the topics, the ocean view, photo ops, the unknown, the spontaneity, the community coming together, and finally, my most favorite-watching the sunset! When was the last time you attended or plan a picnic? 



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“Smile Through The Pain”

For two days now, I am nursing my lower back from excruciating pain. If I knew what causes it then I could proceed the remedy, but I don’t that’s why I am frustrated! Last night my husband, as loving and caring that he is warned me not to do anything. Because I have the tendency to ignore my pain, a lot. It’s true, yesterday, I have even arrange for rotten vegetables to be picked up in one of the grocery stores for my compost, and I usually log in three boxes full! I have to listen to him and play a good girl. Last night was worse so, I have ice pack for my back and not too bad today, though.

Before I left for work this morning I have to remind myself that I will use my pain to make some body else’s day lighter. So, I smile to people even if they didn’t say my point! It’s the thought that counts, right? And it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it true in life that when we focus on our pain we thought it’s never to end? But if we smile through our pain, often times we feel better. Deep lessons in life is often learned through our pain. Hmmmmmmmm!

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“Don’t Wait”

Life’s journey continue. I must admit, blogging for “daily dose of kindness” every day for a full year, that’s 365 days is tougher than I thought! Lately, though, ideas are running dry, and opportunities are harder to come by. Unless, I have to plan ahead and be purposeful with my day. Which, I knew it was going to be a challenge. So, in my first post I wrote a letter to my self which, I’d like to reread every now and then when I needed inspiration.  

Anyway, today after picking up few items from the grocery store, I kept looking around for opportunity but found none at first that’s worth noting. Then I reasoned to myself like a mad woman, and said I can’t be just waiting for opportunity to come to me I have to create one! A pleasant surprise came at the perfect time. A man with his truck park on the street of West Broadway. He was carrying an empty red gallon, I believe he just ran out of fuel. I passed him by because I wasn’t sure of what’s going on with his world. Finally, he caught up with me at the red light and he was heading to a wrong direction about ten blocks on foot. But I know the area too well and the gas station closer to where he was is five blocks. So, I pointed him to go to the one a lot closer! For my daily dose of kindness? Done!
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“Time Investment”

Life is too short to be selfish, so, give a little or much.

Life is too precious, don’t waste it.

Life is a gift, accept it.

Life is a lesson, learn it.

Life is a journey, enjoy it.

Love. Live. Life.

Did that this evening, building relationship with new friends. Super cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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