“Flu Season”

Hi Everyone, I was going to post something so irrelevant today. Then I thought to myself don’t be silly, whose going to waste their time to read it? People will have better things than to read silly post. Whatever silliness it might be it will remain locked until the right moment.

In the meantime, though, the flu season is almost upon us. I know, I know, we really don’t want to be reminded of the misery when we get sick. However, when you need to get better, and quick at least, it will be at your finger tips.

Promise you will respect my family medicinal recipe? Thanks. Sliced up a half of your palm size ginger, 3 cups of water, 2 cloves of peeled garlic and bring it to boil in low heat for 15 minutes. In a cup add 1-teaspoon, or more of dark honey if possible, or any organic honey, or brown sugar will do. Let it cool for a bit and drink the freshly made ginger tea half an hour before going to sleep. For many people the taste is not pleasant (I was told), but if you can stand the smell or taste you will feel better the next day. I even drink the leftover in the morning, too. This concoction is great for people who hates taking pills over the counter. No side effects and it has some benefits in it you’ll never receive from lab manufactured stuff. Also, this concoction is sooooooo amazing when you lost your voice, or tonsillitis problem. Of course, don’t just take my word for it, try it! If it works though, to make sure you pass it around! Perhaps, many people will appreciate it, like my family.


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