” My Eternal 10 Minutes Investment”

Finally! After two weeks of missing out the plans my friend and I have set up, we finally did it tonight! I heard people say, the first time is the struggle because there are so many things we could have done, or be somewhere else. Tonight, we did it. We made good to our promises. We prayed!!!!!!!!!

We were being reminded of how blessed we are for having an incredible healthy bodies and family. So, we want to start by saying thank you for this wonderful blessings God. Sometimes, we rather just want to live our lives in our own terms, and doing exactly what we feel is right in our own way without thinking that maybe, you have something that you’d like us to do but we are blind. We are asking of your forgiveness for our sins, you called pride. Father, these are our request tonight, that you would grant your power and strength to these our brothers and sisters; for Wayne, Ted, and Jolene- for providing them their Sundays transportation. By their friendships that you would continue to bless us, as they feel your comfort and love bless them beyond what they ask for. That your Holy Spirit would  continue to work in them through joy and satisfied life. For Jennifer, that she will be curious and want to know you, personally. That you would create a believing heart in her. We also, pray for the up and coming ministries in the fall, through these ministries we could reach and love our communities for Jesus. Send us enough people to participate in the sewing, knitting night, and the food-serving ministries, so that, those folks who did not a home could have warm socks, toques, scarves, and mittens during winter times. 

We also remember to thank you for sending us a Godly Pastor, a man after God’s own heart. As you promised that you will continue to meet their needs, daily. We also pray for Kevin and Pamela for their amazing ministry for your kingdom. We pray for good health, their daily bread, wisdom to discern and hear your voice. As you promise you’ll never leave us, nor abandon us. Sometimes, we may not understand your ways, but I know we can trust your heart. Because you are so great-for this we lift up the men in our church that you preserve them holy, and Godly to stand firm against all temptations around them. At home, at work, and their social life. Create in us, the women in our church Godly, to have the confidence in you, but humble as we serve you. 

Father, we want to take care of this earthly body you have given us. My friend and I are both looking for a running partner. It would have been so perfect if we live in the same community. Having a running partner would make the running fun and safer. We know that in your timing, we will. We thank you ahead of time for answering what we ask, not because of what we have done, but because of what you have done on the cross that we could come to your presence, anytime. Thank you again father. May you receive all the glory and honor that is due to you. Amen. 


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A sinner saved by grace.
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