“Creating Memorable Experience”

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I served some one wealthy, a public figure, or out-of-towner I get so nervous. Especially, when they share a bit about their last experience whether it’s good, or bad. The perfectionist in me always gets in the way to act natural and authentic in every way possible. Lol, what to do with this? 

Anyway, I have a client visiting for the very first time in the shop I work. He and the whole family drove in from the East. Our receptionist relatse back to me what he said he didn’t like about the company back east. He felt like just a number, issues after issues, and instead looking at the root of the problem the employees of the company will blame the technology, or the delivery. Every one and everything got the blame, but themselves. This is my issue with any large corporation, they have lost the art of customer service. I used to work with company like that. I left after 1-1/2 year.  It’s better for this company to start cleaning their own act and treat their  customers professionally. This way, people will feel being understood and be more empathetic at them. 

I feel however, responsible to make sure his visit with us is something very positive. One of my philosophies in life is that we only have 10 seconds to make an impact. And based on the body language, his smile, and tips he gave me, not to mention the satisfaction look from his wife I say I won his business over. I have the feeling, even though, he lives east that he will continue his patronage with us in years to come. So lessons learned today? People no matter what their skin color is, their status in society, and educations, want to be treated with integrity and respect. If it is in my power to do what is good and what is right I will not hesitate to act. What about you? 


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