“House Cleaning”

It has been a whirlwind of exciting stuff around here this week. The weather is more than cooperating, attended the picnic, meeting new friends, catching with the old, lots of cooking, lately. Gardening is on-going, thing. Biking more this year, still volunteering, church life. Whew! It’s full, isn’t it?

To be honest, I kind of ignoring my own home. So today, I decided to do my cleaning. Wipes all the furniture, wipe the walls, the pictures, and clean the bathroom. We just got our dishwasher machine fixed today, too. Yay! My husband is happy because he hates washing the dishes by hands. He’s been doing a lot of hand washing, lately. Lol. Did you have an awesome Monday?


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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