I love picnics! Every one gathers around. Bring ethnic foods, bring your favorite drinks. Enjoy each other’s company, enjoy the story. Let’s talk a little, or let’s talk a lot. Children and adults are kicking soccer ball to score. When we feel tired we have blankets on the ground, and when were cold, grab the blanket and wrap yourself to warm. We hug and say; glad you came. Then we hug again and say our goodbyes, until next time.

In the picnic, we have our old friends, present, as well as the new. Catch up with the old friends, but remembering to make someone, new, welcome. We don’t need to try so hard to be appreciated. If the language is hard to communicate use all the body signals to tell him/her, you’re happy they came. Love has no boundary and no limits.

Why I like picnic? I like it because of food, drinks, the games, the people, the scenery, the topics, the ocean view, photo ops, the unknown, the spontaneity, the community coming together, and finally, my most favorite-watching the sunset! When was the last time you attended or plan a picnic? 




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A sinner saved by grace.
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