“Don’t Wait”

Life’s journey continue. I must admit, blogging for “daily dose of kindness” every day for a full year, that’s 365 days is tougher than I thought! Lately, though, ideas are running dry, and opportunities are harder to come by. Unless, I have to plan ahead and be purposeful with my day. Which, I knew it was going to be a challenge. So, in my first post I wrote a letter to my self which, I’d like to reread every now and then when I needed inspiration.  

Anyway, today after picking up few items from the grocery store, I kept looking around for opportunity but found none at first that’s worth noting. Then I reasoned to myself like a mad woman, and said I can’t be just waiting for opportunity to come to me I have to create one! A pleasant surprise came at the perfect time. A man with his truck park on the street of West Broadway. He was carrying an empty red gallon, I believe he just ran out of fuel. I passed him by because I wasn’t sure of what’s going on with his world. Finally, he caught up with me at the red light and he was heading to a wrong direction about ten blocks on foot. But I know the area too well and the gas station closer to where he was is five blocks. So, I pointed him to go to the one a lot closer! For my daily dose of kindness? Done!

About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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