“Giving My Time”

You probably heard this phrase before “time is the new luxury?” Do you noticed? The drivers in the car drive as if they were chased by a killer alien predator. Shopping is more like a nightmare event, than a pleasure one. I see people fidgeting while waiting for their turns to pay. Their in such a rushed, I’ve learn not to hold the hot coffee close to my clothes, or that would be the end of the nice white shirt! And for sure, I totally understand the responsibilities awaits at home! Some people aren’t  rude, it’s just like they’re so preoccupied they don’t even notice they’re on auto piloting.

 Throughout, my years of volunteering I build relationships with the employees in the shop that I volunteer for bread pick up. I know that they’re standing on their feet throughout their shift and at the end of the pick up I would offer my time to clean up the racks. Separating the dirty for it to be washed. Roll it over towards the front. And when it’s done I would then sweep the floors. This chores would require twenty minutes of my time. But I don’t really mind. I know they appreciate little help I gave them. Who doesn’t like finishing up early and to go home to be with their family, too! 

Take care and thank you for stopping by.


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A sinner saved by grace.
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