“Simply Irresponsible”

Sometimes, I’m convince that I have a dual personality! A personality that always war between good and evil, a fight that is losing its grips on what is right, sometimes! This afternoon is a prime example. As I was just heading home this afternoon, obviously, not paying attention on the sidewalks at all and all of the sudden, I heard a sound of a broken glass. I decided to investigate the noise, sure enough a chunk of broken glass I had kicked and just missed my toes! I thought to myself, whose the irresponsible person that drop their vinaigrette bottle and didn’t have the decency and considerations for  someone else’s safety! One of my dual personalities- the bad one is saying; it is not my mess and I am not going down to pick these pieces up. And if someone gets hurt its not my problem. Then the other personality has reasoned and begging with me to do the right thing. Before I knew it I was already squatting and picking up every single broken pieces of vinaigrette glass on the sidewalk. 

So, what did I learn from this event? That some people can be irresponsible, careless, and ignorant! Long time ago, I realized that I can’t change, or control people’s attitude or behavior. Only my attitude and action that I am responsible with. So, although, it was not my mess to leave broken glass on the sidewalk it was my decision to spare other’s feet from getting hurt! It is the right thing to do. And beside, how could I ever continue a “daily dose of kindness” blog if I shy away from this opportunity. I just wish though, that when anyone drop any glass and it breaks- which of course an accident that that person feel compel enough to clean up the mess before anyone get hurt! 

About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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