“Comfort Those In Pain”

In life, a news that everyone rather not want to receive at night is the news about cancer and death. The news of death brings permanent lost and sadness on friends and families. With cancer it’s the unpredictability that causes a lot of anxiety, sleepless nights, and confusing mixed of emotions amongst the immediate family.

So, this whole week I have been surrounded with people who have lost a loved ones, and the other have received a news that her cancer have found its way into her heart. What proper words could I even offer to ease their pain and their losses? I realized that only time can heal the pain. I think a friend would really appreciate a hug and for letting him know I’m praying for him. This friend is a Hindu and it is customary for their culture to cremate a dead body. We had a discussions about it because as a “born again” Christian and a Filipino descent it is not our customs to burn our dead. Needless, to say it was a healthy conversations. Although, by age his father has reached the prime time of his life but I think it is still sad for the family. My thought had shifted onto my mother without even realizing it. If God calls my mother’s home I will be very sad, but also happy that she will be with the Lord. For this is far better reward. Finally, how could I comfort a friend with cancer? The reality is this is her second fights and she may not even have many years left to live since, the cancer has spread into her lungs?!? I think that the best way to show we care is to listen to their mumbling and tell our friend we are praying on their behalf.  How do you comfort others?


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