“A Painted Picture Of Our Modern Gentleman”

When I was young I would associate a gentleman wearing a long jacket, a tap hat, a cane, a white gloves, and with an English accent. We see how they act in television shows. A gentleman would rise up from his seat and tip his hat slightly when a lady enters or exit from the dinner table. But how do modern gentleman acts or behave? Do they have a unique traits or characteristic that defines it? Here’s what I came up with. Its long, but if you meet one do make sure you thank them. They need to know that, I did all the time! 

A list our Modern Gentleman: Its not the looks, but based on characteristics.

-A gentleman pulls out a chair for a lady.

-A gentleman takes care of the bill discreetly.

-A gentleman rise up from his seat when someone leaves from the dinner table.

-A gentleman weights the matter and circumstances well.

-A gentleman share and hold the umbrella for a lady.

-A gentleman is kind hearted.

-A gentleman always looks for the best interest of others. 

-A gentleman expresses himself with elegance and style.

-A gentleman will offer his help to carry your bags of grocery.

-A gentleman will offer his shoulder to cry on.

-A gentleman will never belittle someone in the public.

-A gentleman talks to his mother and father with great respect, even if they don’t always agree on things.

-A gentleman never for one second is embarrassed to kiss his mother , aunt, or grandmother on the cheek and in the public.

-A gentleman always carry a clean handkerchief in case someone needed it.

-A gentleman is always groomed and clean.

-A gentleman is always ready to give a sound advice or directions.

-A gentleman will not hesitate to offer his seat to the elders, ladies, a pregnant woman, and a woman with a child.

-A gentleman will keep the door open  every time.

-A gentleman will greet you in street a good morning, or whatever the time of the day is.

-A gentleman is confident but not arrogant.

-A gentleman does swear. He is discreet and in control of his emotions.

-A gentleman is never careless with his attitude.

-A gentleman cares and safeguard his family name because it is important than anything else.

-A gentleman (if he smokes) he smokes only with choice cigars.

-A gentleman marry someone with a gift of hospitality.

-A gentleman carry a folded grey or black umbrella and often is with a handle.

-A gentleman is often resolve an issues with his reasoning and not with his fist.

-A gentleman does not take advantage on the weaknesses of another.

-A gentleman does not wish of any harm against his enemy.

-A gentleman is humorous and does not take himself so seriously.

-A gentleman is arm with humility, grace, mercy, understanding, and wisdom.

-A gentleman is brave. He is the first to fight for villains and keeps you calm until the danger is gone.

-A gentleman never bad-mouthed his friends, or neighbors.

-A gentleman really disliked gossips.

PS: Here’s more about gentleman I found in the internet (sorry I can’t remember the site address). Lol!!!!!!!!!

A gentleman is someone who does not take an undue advantage of his power or the weaknesses of those around him. He is a man who does not compel others to do anything against their wish. A gentleman never offends others physically or mentally. He never inflicts pain. In a broader sense of the term, a gentleman is the one who cares for the people around him, helps them with their problems and strives to remove every obstacle that impedes their lives. Easing and comforting everyone around remains the major concern of a gentleman. He is a thoughtful and has foresight. His wisdom helps him stay away from blunders.

Other characteristics of a gentleman include his humbleness, his prudence, his calm, his patience and his principles. A gentleman never boasts of himself. He is merciful and tender. He can keep his cool in all types of situations. He never looks at people with prejudiced eyes. He refrains from getting into conflicts or debates. He keeps himself away from badmouthing people and making unreasonable allegations. He dislikes gossip.

Above all, a gentleman bases his thoughts and actions on healthy philosophical principles. He submits to pain and understands that certain things in life are inevitable. He accepts death as a part of destiny. He adheres to righteousness throughout life.


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