“Inspire Someone”

I love it when a casual conversation turn the person’s lifestyle around. I had so many casual and friendly -heart to heart talk with my friends, colleagues, and clients about the importance of taking good care of our health. But let me ask you what do you do to stay healthy? Do you run every day? Brisk walking? Eat organic or simple home cooked meals? Drink more water and less coffee or soda? Do you work out regularly and weight lifting? Yoga? Any of the above is great when doing it regularly. So, when one of my clients have told me that she had taken to heart what I suggested to her on how to lose weight, I was very pleased, indeed! Six months ago, she started going to the gym again and doing weight lifting and recently, I noticed her tone arms and less body fats. Everything about her is beautiful and lean. Her skin is better, she is more confident. And guess what? she drop twenty pounds and feeling great about herself. I am glad she did not do a quick fix diet.

The reason she make it to my “daily dose of kindness” blog because I also have known few people whom, I’ve talk to about losing weight, but rather the hard and consistent visits to the gym they took the needles- the quick fix diet and within a few months they actually put on more of what they have lost. Lol!!!! So, here’s lessons learned; hard work can be painful and long, but when you want to see results you got to start weight lifting and proper nutrition will win the day. Thanks for visiting. Cheers!!!


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