“Dating Recipe”

People that I know and my friends ask me how did you meet your husband? Or how did you know he is the one? (Me-I just knew-I had so much peace and confirmation)  Or how long was the engagement? (Me- got engaged after our fifth months of dating and less than a year we got married) Did you live together before the marriage? (Me- No).

Twelve years ago, I started writing down my goals for what I want to do and achieve in life. Is what I called my “road map”! I see the benefits in doing so, the thing is I have an idea for what my future should be like! I heard this phrase before; “if you don’t put your dreams on paper it will remain only a dream”. And soon t’will be forgotten! Since then, I have seen many rewards through my personal and professional life. One of which is marrying a man, who loves the Lord. With this experience and a practical knowledge, it inspires me to make my list of what kind of a man I want to marry. 

My List:

  1. Must be a Christian-follower of Jesus Christ
  2. With great values
  3. Down to earth
  4. Great sense of humor
  5. He does not drink alcohol
  6. Does not take any drugs
  7. Does not smoke
  8. Good family background
  9. Solid family units
  10. No tattoo (my personal preference)
  11. No body piercing (my personal preference)
  12. He is mature
  13. He is responsible
  14. He is hospitable
  15. Kind and loving
  16. He is friendly and love people
  17. Educated and hold a job
  18. No swearing/ cursing
  19. Health conscious
  20. Good looking

May I add, he is everything that I ask for. To the tee! The first time I ever met him at my BF backyard BBQ, I knew right away that he is the one! Same with him, too! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

When it comes to a life time commitment, I don’t want that to be left by chance! Even if I receive half of my list to me that’s better than not knowing what I’m getting at all! So hey, don’t take my words for it, try it! Remember, if its not on paper it doesn’t exist! If it helps you please send me a note. Thanks.


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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