“Turning Bad Experienced Into Positive Feedback”

ImageWe all have bad experienced from service sectors everywhere. What happen with creating “Raving Fans”? Aren’t this important anymore? Who is at fault; the owners? Managers? or hiring the wrong employees? Or is it the lack of training? But whatever it is businesses who does not emphasize on building training systems and aren’t clear on building amazing cultures will soon produce mediocre result regardless, how good there products maybe. Alright, so the focus of my blog today is of course belong to Steve Nash/ Fitness world on 12th avenue. Nine months ago, my husband and I got a one week pass to try out their gym. Every time we use the facility we have to hunt for the free weights between 15-20 minutes of wasted time. So today, we tried again because we were invited by one of their employees, and promised us a pass and was told that they did some renovations in their facility, only to find out that that was not the correct information and the receptionist keep referring us to her manager. Anyway, we gave her our feedback and that is up to them whether they use it to improve their service or not. But for now we are not planning to do business with them any time soon.

Oh yes, got this free dumbbells photos from http://www.dreamstime.com .Cheers!!



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2 Responses to “Turning Bad Experienced Into Positive Feedback”

  1. Que says:

    These companies need to realize that we may have a bad experience at their business but it’s how they handle it with honesty, dignity and professionalism that may bring us back. This is a problem with companies big and small but small businesses suffer the most then complain that they can’t compete with bug businesses. In the end customer service wins almost every time.

    • Wow, your comments in bang on. In my experienced when giving them my feedback is the employee is pretending their listening, but not doing anything to change customers experience. And you are sooooo right great customer service + quality will at the end of the day win more customers. Thank you for your insight and for dropping by. Truly appreciate your time. Cheers!

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