“Get To Know Friends Better”

My husband and I both love people. We love hosting lunch or dinner at our place for anyone who might be available. But we have this couple that we keep meaning to invite over and never had the perfect time to do it. Somehow, something would come up when we’re trying to arranged time. So finally, today is the day! With fresh pizza served and awesome topics around the table, the day seems a bit shorter when you are having a great time getting to know people. Its great just hearing their background, their interests, their plans in the future, and what made them unique? This couple friends are missionaries from Utah and highly intellectual and the wife is very creative and resourceful. Wow, how is that that food or beverages can be a huge part of the social gathering? So, there you have it folks for those who are gifted in cooking delicious meals go ahead invite people that you want to get to know better.


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A sinner saved by grace.
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