“Daily Dose Of Kindness”

This Friday, is all about prayers. Praying for the K’Motion summer camps, the teachers, leaders, volunteers for safety-renewed energy, and wisdom. And for these children and their parents that God will draw them closer to Him. 

Praying for my clients, who are not Christians that God will create a believing heart in them.

Praying for my friend, Nikki- whose going trials in life.

Praying for our pastor with great wisdom, obedience, to be preserve Godly, Holy, and righteous in the sight of God and men.

Praying for my husband’s clear directions, wisdom, and he too will be preserved righteous, Holy and Godly to do God’s work.

Praying for my BF and her husband, whose trying to get pregnant.

Praying for the people in our church that God will call each one to hunger and thirst of His righteousness. That we may experience His glorious name.

Praying for my co-workers and my boss that God will illuminate His Holy Spirit in their hearts that they may see God and put their personal relationships in Him. 

Praying for God’s vision for my life that I may see Him better. To trust Him with everything that I do.

Praying for the ongoing ministry to fight against human trafficking, that those innocent children can be found and be return to where they came from.

Praying for the peace around the world.

Praying for our government and the leaders.

Praying for the families in Colorado recent shooting for healing and forgiveness.

Praying for restorations in family functions. 

“Pray without ceasing” in the Bible: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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