“Obey?, or Flea”?

Okay, today for my “daily dose of kindness” I would like to post a questions to you out there. Do you think that prayers should be part of your offered service, if opportunity is given to you? Would you pray for any clients who might be needing spiritual assistance? When you knew their situation is beyond any humans help? This is what happened to me. A client is going through a big storms in life and feel the need of God’s intervention in His life. Although, this maybe what he truly needs, however, I feel though that what he really need is a spiritual eyes to see God’s patience. And that he can trust the heart of God to free him from sin and walk with him until the storm passes by.

I am wondering is to obey better than sacrifice? Thanks for reading.


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A sinner saved by grace.
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4 Responses to “Obey?, or Flea”?

  1. This is a really good question.

    Do you mean something like telling someone “I will be praying for you” or do you mean something along the lines of “Can I pray with you right now?” (where you pray then and there with the person?)

    Where I work I can do the first within limits (like if the other person says something about God even in just a general way so that they are opening the door first), but I could lose my job if I do the second.

    • Regarding to your questions; I have done both! Where I work, clients have more privacy. And because I believe God called me to serve Him there therefore, I learn to wait and listen upon the Lord. I do only what He has asked me at that moments. And if praying for the clients right there will cost me my job then that is the sacrifice I am willing to take. But will not ask anyone to do the same. Each one must follow what our saviour have ask us to do!

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