“Extend Hospitality & Beyond”

“Quaint but Mysterious” (My thoughts about my little garden discovery)

  Image  ImageImage




I pass by this little garden a hundred times and finally I made the conscious effort to stop and take photos as the sun is setting down. In the meantime, I met a new friend. He moved from Hamilton, ON and he is working in the cancer research building in Vancouver. He is alone here and I thought it would be nice to get to know him and make him super welcome to our city. It turns out he really enjoys the friendliness of the people he met. A very fine young man! Anyway, what do you think of this garden? Very quaint, huh!?! You decide. Enjoy!


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One Response to “Extend Hospitality & Beyond”

  1. Nice park and nice photos! Vancouver has been on my “places to visit” list for a while now!

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