“Who Can You Trust”?


Some trust their home only to find out that fire consumed it.

Some on their savings until the financial market all crumble down.

Some trust on investment until only to find out it was invested on waters.

We’re married and in love of course we can trust our spouse, or can we?

For sure we can trust our parents, right? They never disappoint us?

Okay maybe we can find it through our best friends, after all, we pour out our hearts when we are in the storms.

Our boss love us and we love them for sure we could never lose our dream job, or can we?

Where do we put our trust?


Remember the story in the bible? Jesus and the apostles were inside the boat, it was a stormy night Jesus was asleep and His friends were afraid. What did He do? He rebuke the wind. Stillness all around them that even the disciples were amazed! Surely He is the son of God!!!!

Another story is when Jesus was walking on the water, His friends again were afraid but when they confirmed it was their Master, Peter invited himself by saying; Lord let me know on water towards you (my own phrase). So Jesus said, come and Peter trusted Jesus. He was walking for a while until he takes off his eyes on Jesus Christ.

What about you, what storms in life are you in? You can trust Jesus, don’t take your eyes off him. He’ll see you through, trust HIM!!!!


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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2 Responses to “Who Can You Trust”?

  1. Interesting thank you for the good read xo

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