“On Sunday Afternoon”

The weather in Vancouver, Canada is cooperating this afternoon. Yay! We had our worship service  this morning at the park and it rained a bit, but over all we had such an amazing fellowship. I think today I will say that helping everyone join the games that our friend, Kevin had arranged for us is super fun! Oh, we had a blast!!! Adults and children are participating in the game after our picnic lunch. We have missionaries from the south helping us for our summer camp for the whole week this week, and if you are visiting Vancouver you have to visit key areas that are quite famous for tourists here: Like Queen Elizabeth Park, Granville Island, Stanley Park, Robson Street, Gas Town, Mount Pleasant Neighborhood, and Steveston in Richmond. I tried to talk them in to, or invite them to take the challenge and we could hike Grouse Mountain. The locals called it the “stairs master”!

When we got back my husband was having a hard time going back to sleep after have woken up once, and wanted his feet tickle. (Somehow he finds this calming and puts him to sleep faster). So I guess it was a full afternoon, or very satisfying, indeed! On the high note, the movie I was watching called “The End Of The Spear” based on a true story has just ended because I was running out of tissue to dry my tears. Yea it that good. It is still bright outside and I think I will work in the “garden in Progress” for a little bit. See you all tomorrow!


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3 Responses to “On Sunday Afternoon”

  1. globalunison says:

    I love how you write – fun and passion blended to make up your signature style [Winks]

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