“Words Of Encouragement”

There is a verse in the bible that says: our mouth has the ability to curse and bless (I’m paraphrasing). Today is special, before I learn of this woman’s personal story I commented about her eyes. She’s got striking eyes. Almond in shapes and its green in color. As I was beginning to know her a bit, I realized how much she suffered  emotionally.

A year ago, she had breast cancer and every cancer survivor will tell us its bad enough to learn the news about the disease but also  the on going trip for chemo. The sad part of this story is that she has accepted her condition and is even willing to shave her head but her children is embarrassed of her but worse her husband! So she wracked up thousands of dollars to get hair extensions which, at the end  it ruined her very fine hair. She was so sad! However though, I thought I got a real opportunity to speak to her in a deeper sense. There were three important topics that we touched base today. 1) The emotions; 2) Her reality; & 3) The future. To focus on what can she teach her children through her journey now? In summary, I think God put people with different circumstances in our path to either leave imprints in our life, or be inspired. Thank you for stopping by and cheers!


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A sinner saved by grace.
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5 Responses to “Words Of Encouragement”

  1. globalunison says:

    This is terrible to hear!! I wonder how a family can be embarrass to support the backbone of home?? If it would have been her husband or children suffering, she would have done all she could to save them and never would have feared any embarrassment! I think GOD has always been distinguishing a lady when evolves into a woman. Thank you for sharing.

    • Very true. It makes one wonder doesn’t it? But I suppose those whose lifestyle is evolved in a high society somehow the appearances are important! What do you think?

      • globalunison says:

        Yeah, you are very right!! I wonder how can ego and status create a propaganda of respect in society and how can anyone even think of all these things before a lovely family member!!
        After all, all of us will be buried beneath the Earth and will becomes food of millions of worms.

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