“What A Night”!

Awesome night tonight! Now where do I start? How about by sharing with you how wonderfully and truly wholesome to have a friend like my friend, Angela. Tonight is our regular meeting, we walked all the way to Olympic Village with our Cappuccino Frozen Yougart in the cone. On our way there we stop to give two people the directions to No Frills grocery store because they saw us eating our yougart. Then we saw a building on fire, the whole  top floor is destroyed located on Quebec street & 2nd Avenue. Too bad- it’s always make me so sad whenever I see businesses interrupted in a time like this. We’re what you called the curious George, so we hang around a bit and watch the event unfolded before our eyes!


The weather is great and the city backdrop is even amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! I think, we both feel very satisfied and very content at the end of our walks. As we were heading back we didn’t follow our regular route -good thing we did because one of the shops in my neighborhood left two of their leather couches outside with their sign and all. So my girlfriend and I did brainstorms a bit on what to do. We telephone the number listed on their sign, but of course it went onto their voice mail. Then finally, we approach the Korean Restaurant owner and see if they could keep those couches for a time being. I would really hate if someone steal them. I will email the owner tonight too! Take care everyone and thank you for stopping by again and again.



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A sinner saved by grace.
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3 Responses to “What A Night”!

  1. globalunison says:

    Wow! It was certainly a great night for you!!

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