“My List Of Blah Blahs”

It’s one of those days after work, my mind is pre-occupied.

What’s for dinner?

Do I have everything I need for cooking?

Do I need milk, or eggs for breakfast?

Are the laundry washed?

Shall I work on in the garden?

Should I even bother cooking, or just serve anything cold.

When I get home is the house gonna be super warm or cool?

What about the garbage, would it need to be thrown?

What to bring for lunch tomorrow?

Do I have enough clean clothes for tomorrow?

Should I work out, or run, or both?

Would it rain tomorrow? I hope not because I am meeting with my friend after work.

I wonder how my husband is and if he misses me?

Hmmm, my guess is my husband is either writing, reading, eating, or internet surfing.

Is he even home when I get back?

What opportunity for me today to do kindness to?

And at this moment that I saw a humongous plastic furniture wrapper laying on the road. It is a mystery how it got there, but my guess is it probably fell off from someone’s car. The problem that this material poses is that when its blown onto the other car and obstructing their view of the road it could cause a huge accident. It might even include injuries. So, I had to pick it up while I have the chance and properly dispose it. What’s really surprises me people just ignoring it. Truly, I can’t blame people though, who notices these little obstructions on the road when our mind is so pre-occupied, anyway!?! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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A sinner saved by grace.
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2 Responses to “My List Of Blah Blahs”

  1. globalunison says:

    Awesomeee post!!! I so loved it! There are so many BLAH BLAHS on our mind and I wonder why our brains functions too efficiently to think about everything in the world before hand!!
    This was an amazing post! Thumbs up lovely 🙂

  2. I can really relate to this! Sometimes my mind is going a thousand miles (or kilometer?) a minute and I’m worried that I might miss an opportunity to do something to help someone else out. Sometimes I miss “the good old days” when everything was much slower and everyone seemed to have plenty of time to be good neighbors. (The town that I grew up in was very much like Mayberry from the Andy Griffith Show…if you’ve ever seen that show?)

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