“Date Nights”

After eleven years of marriage we’re still deeply in love. Aawww! Tuesday night is our time for each other. First stop, helping our friends from “Dug Out” charity to pick up the end of day bread from cobs bakery. Then onto the library (my husband’s favorite place) and we went to eat pizza from Fresh Slice. While inside we catch up with our reading for 15minutes while we eat. Then onto a long drive to UBC (University of British Columbia), the most beautiful scenery with the ocean view and green lash of trees and flowers. It is rather romantic. I thanked my husband for his thoughtfulness, I feel so loved! Do you think picking up top soil is romantic? Well, I guess its how you define romantic, isn’t it? But being together and enjoying each other’s company is awesome, through and through. However though, we finished our evening by walking to Tim Hortons for a nice ice lemon drinks. But while inside the store, I saw a man with two canes to support himself from not falling. His got trouble walking, in one hand his holding a cup of drink and the other his carrying his canes and in the middle of the floor- a yellow sign to warn customers that the floor is wet. He was having problem going through and so, I push the yellow sign aside and help him through. Ahh, beautiful night indeed! To me the best night is often without breaking your bank account. So, go and create your own love language…


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A sinner saved by grace.
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2 Responses to “Date Nights”

  1. globalunison says:

    Wow!! Seems like it was too much fun!! 🙂

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