“Moral Lessons, Save The Snail”

Its sunny in Vancouver today and its marvelous to be working in my garden again. Lots of tree pruning and trimming some of the bushes so that its not growing out beyond its boundary. Actually, my backyard seems to look a bit larger this time (this makes me happier). And as I was logging out the branches near the bin I guess the snail fell off. Upon my return, I almost step on it if I didn’t pay attention. Its crawling ever so slowly on the steps and I think it wants to find a safe place! It took me another few minutes to decide on what to do with this snail, and finally, I pick it up and place it on the shaded branches.

After I’ve rescued the snail, I was reminded again of my wise mother, who once taught me to value God’s creations small or great. In particularly, treating these types of created crawlers. She would say to me “don’t kill any animals or creepy crawlers for the sake of being entertained. If you kill one and have no remorse you will do the same to the bigger animals and then who knows what”? My mother has nine children, she raised us all by herself with no government support, nor a family. She cared for her children with her own sweat and tears, and I know she loved us so much and she made sure we were trained in the way we should go. So yes, today’s “daily dose of kindness” saving a snail from being killed and honoring my mother for her instructions! Thanks for stopping by……………….


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A sinner saved by grace.
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4 Responses to “Moral Lessons, Save The Snail”

  1. You have a good heart and a kind spirit.

  2. What a great thing!

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