“Pleasure To Meet You, Iris”

Meet Iris, she works as a janitor in the building where I work. My very first time seeing her there cleaning the washrooms on a Saturday evening. She has an accent, she could be from Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, or even in Portugal! By the look of it she’s been working for quite sometime now and probably dying for a break, (Just my observation, of course). She speak enough English to get by, but she would probably prefer to understand fully, too. It’s interesting that I even met her because I normally use our washroom upstairs, but today I feel the need to wait until I get down to the main level. So anyway, as I was drying my hands there she was all smiling! I said hello and thank her for her service in making the women’s washroom clean. And she replied “you’re welcome”. These days I always carry in my bag a bar of chocolate to give away to any random person in the street. And I’m glad I did because it turn out that Iris was hungry. Being tired and hungry is not fun at all, and I am really happy that while shes savoring that chocolate she’ll remember the kindness of a stranger! 

ITS YOUR TURN. If you have a kindness act today, yesterday, or even this week you would like to share please do so below. Cheers!


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2 Responses to “Pleasure To Meet You, Iris”

  1. This is really nice, and I think so often janitors and maids and people like that are treated as if they are “invisible”…(I’ve had a job like that a time or two, so I’m speaking from experience!)

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