“Help The Drivers Cross The Intersection”

Have you ever waited for a very long time for the traffic gap so can turn left, or drive through? During the rush hour on Broadway, no matter what intersection you are in unless it is a controlled lanes, you could be waiting for a very long time until you ask someone to press the button for you. I am quite familiar on what intersections you should never attempt to cross on a rush hour because it is to me is like a death wish! So, on my way back from Canadian Tire store after picking up my garden tools and supplies, I saw this Van with-a man and the woman inside waiting and waiting and waiting to cross. My hands are full and my immediate reaction is oh they’ll eventually cross. I don’t know for how long but they well! On the other hand, I could use my elbow to press the button for the green light to come on-I’ve done it before why not this instant!? And without any delay they have the green light to cross safely, and it made me happy that I was able to make their day a bit brighter! So for Friday “daily dose of kindness”, don’t wait to be ask to press the button to help drivers cross the street safely.

As always thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your time. Cheers! 


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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