“Giving A Smile To The Lady In The Wheelchair”

During my lunch today I decided to get a bit of sun because as you all know Vancouver, British Columbia is famous with rain. We get a tons of it. I was actually a bit concerned when the first day of summer it rained, instead of sunshine. I was going to say “I am not complaining” but the truth is I kindly am! Anyway, moving on when I caught myself complaining I remind myself that some part of the world neither needing some rain or to much of it. So there! I should be really thankful, right?

ImageWhere was I again? Oh yea about the lady in the wheelchair……….So, after finishing up my lunch I saw her motorized wheelchair parked by the post near the store eating her grapes. I almost didn’t bother to stop by and noticed her because I thought she is eating don’t disturb her, or maybe she is shy and rather want to be alone. But then I heard a nagging voice again that challenged me to go and say hi to her. I reasoned to myself that she is probably alone most of the time, whether this is true or not! Nonetheless, today, she was alone, she doesn’t speak, but I think she understands me because she raised her head and looks at me and smile when I told her that I liked her colorful hair clips, for they look fancy. What it taught me through this event is that remembering they are people too, and it is a lonely world to live in when no one stop to notice you. So, for my “daily dose of kindness” remembering to give smile and say hello to people in wheelchairs.

I love it when you stop by to read my post, and I appreciate your time so much. Cheers!   


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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