“You Are Not Alone”

My friend, I know you are walking a very long path of road with many turns and twists. With many obstacles; some were deep valleys, big and small rocks that could and have fallen on you, and some were high mountains. At this time of your journey I can sense you have spent many sleepless night, the tiredness is upon you and at times you feel discourage, and wondering when your journeys will end? Together, we cry and laughs, and we set goals for the future hoping to be equipped for the journey’s ahead. Yesterday, you came and as I listened to your story I realized that it is too much for one person to go on this journey on your own. So, I am offering you myself and what I have. Let us walk together until our master calls us home. Beyond this present journey we will find rest, joy, and love.

ImageBeside Christ:

I will be your support

I will be there to offer you my shoulders to cry on

I will listen more

I will love you as Christ does

I will pray for you

I will only speak that is lovely

I believe in you

And I will always think of you as God’s masterpiece. Regardless, of what you think of your worth. You are beautiful and a very special person in the eyes of your children, your husband, me, and God. Don’t give up. Fight to get well and fight for what you got here and now!


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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