“Sunday- Feed A Child That’s Not Mine”

People have told me I’m great with children and of course I knew that, with the emphasis of humility! I got married quite late in life and my husband and I didn’t really prioritize on having children physically, but have invest our lives the best way we can for inviting more lives for eternity. I guess you can say that we have produce spiritual children to love and serve our savior.

The second Sunday of the month in our church connection day. After the worship “all” is welcome to stay for lunch. It is a great time to really spend quality time with people and to know the guest a little better. By nature, I guess kids are comfortable with me and I often give parents a break holding their baby when the child is awake. Although, I don’t have children of my own but I am not naive of parenthood. After all, I am the youngest of nine in my family, plus all of my brothers and sisters have their own children. I know the work they put in to it, it is a 24/7 full time job! Anyway, during lunch Matthew cannot sit still and its taking such a long time to finish his lunch. So, I came and talk with him; I said “Matthew if you finish your lunch quickly next Sunday I will bring you a treat”. Matthew likes the idea of treat because he actually sat down much much longer, just in time to finish his food! Yes, I know I bribe Matthew but the trick always worked. And if you’re wondering if I make good of my promises? Of course I will. Matthew like trains and I found an electric antique train sets when my sister’s neighbor had moved out. It is just collecting dust and I bet Matthew would feast with those trains. For my “Daily dose of kindness” feeding Matthew finish his lunch and helping parents keep their sanity intact. He he he……………..This couple are great parents and wonderful individuals.

Hey, thanks for reading and for stopping by. Hope you do something good for your self and others!!!!


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A sinner saved by grace.
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