“Hi, How Can I Help You?”

“If you spot someone who looks lost, stop and ask him or her if they need help or directions. A little help can go a long way”.

And that is exactly what I did! Two women visiting Vancouver from Europe they were walking toward East of Broadway. I was watching them from behind, I gather that they were visitors because they were asking each other in French and looking around. No, I can’t speak French but I can recognized few words because my husband is a French immersions since Kindergarten, and he would speak in French with me as if I understand. Plus their body language also gave it away that they weren’t sure where their going. At this moment that I decided to take the chance to play a good host in my city. So, I ask them if they needed help, and it turns out they did! They wanted to go to Costco in Vancouver and wanting to take the sky train station on Main Street. Although, I think even if I didn’t give them directions eventually they will find the place on their own. But pointing them the right place had save them time.

On top of pointing them onto the right track I also told them few places they could visit during their stay in the city. And you know what? It didn’t take a long time to help someone. And they truly appreciated the courtesy and help. I think if I am visiting Europe and lost I would really appreciate receiving help from someone local, too.

Alright, its your turn. Can you spot lost visitors in your city? Don’t be shy go and help them, they’ll thank you for it!

Thank you friends for stopping by……………


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