“Give Thanks & Praises When Praises Is Due”


Look, we all have experienced bad service somewhere or from someone, before or recently. That’s why for my “daily dose of kindness” I choose to blog the new cleaning crew in our office. Why? Okay okay, maybe if I tell you how crappy the cleaning crew were before then these new one is definitely worth mentioning, for sure. But before that, how would you feel when you’re paying a company to clean your office only to come every morning and you start vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and wiping the marks off the walls and mirrors? Good? No? Precisely………..

For nearly a year, this was my experienced and finally, a new company with a better management come along about three months ago, and we have something worth mentioning. Since, my last complaint with a supervisor, name Kim about the place being so dirty she must have spoken to her staffs because one of the employees would make a round asking us if everything is fine? I can see from the supervisor to the cleaning crew that they all wanting to gain our confidence back by their action and attitude. These cleaning crew deserves to be recognized by their hard work. So, today there was an older man cleaning the railings by the stairs. I rushed pass him and didn’t even acknowledge this man. I was already on the third floor and feel ashamed for not thanking him so, I climbed up to fifth floor again and properly thank him for cleaning. I think it makes him feel appreciated because he answered back in a Punjabi language I couldn’t really understand. But I didn’t have to understand to know that he is happy because he smile back  at me! Hey, if you are reading this; take the time to thank the people who deserves it. Thanks for reading!


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7 Responses to “Give Thanks & Praises When Praises Is Due”

  1. preety92 says:

    That was nice of you 🙂 A smile means a lot more than the language. I am sure the old man felt appreciated 🙂

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