“Woman In Four Wheels”

Thank God for wheelchair innovation, it can really make a difference in the person’s life which otherwise would be limited with their movements! I met a woman today at cobs bread store purchasing her supply of bread. As I watch her making her way around I couldn’t help but wonder how difficult it must be to be walking all over the place with a bad legs. But with these motorized wheelchair allows people to not give up their lifestyle! What freedom it must have been for people with MS, Amputees, and Seniors- how cool is that? So, as I was in my little day dreamy world, I realized that she was ready to exit the door. So, I ran ahead of her and flung both glass doors open wide for her wheelchair to exit. But before leaving she made the comment “you are very observant, caring, and helpful-thank you for opening the door for me”. I love helping people and I think this could be added in my daily dose of kindness today.  Don’t you? I believe that Charity begins at home……………………

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A sinner saved by grace.
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3 Responses to “Woman In Four Wheels”

  1. preety92 says:

    Yess…charity do begin at home. It was nice of you to help that person. Keep helping people around you. You will get blessings from them, and their blessings will surely do you a lot of good 🙂

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