“Connection Sunday”

What a wonderful day is today. The sun is out and it helping my smile shine brighter. Ha ha ha! Can’t help it though, when its raining all the time it makes my day drab. Bo ho ho….Plus its really hard to start an outdoor project like the gardening in the rain, anyway! Yesterday, I tried putting together my flower bed and I got rained on, which was not that great. But today was extra special day because a friend of mine -whom I had the honor to pray for and witness Christ to her have lunch with me and my husband after church service. The day went so beautifully, full of Christ love, laughter,encouraging one another, and a wonderful fellowship. I think it is always so wonderful to really spend time with people and building that friendship that has a lasting effect on us. After all, we are made for each other, we are not made to live alone, anyway. Can you imagine? I know I would be one of those miserable individuals if I never ever meet people.

Recipe for Pasta dish:
Cooked Penne Noodles (don’t overcook)
Grilled chicken breast-slice
Pre-sliced peppers (yellow, red, and orange)
Fresh Italian parsley
Fresh Green onion
Pepper powder
Crushed pepper
Garlic powder
Heat up the pot and add olive oil. Add half a cup of tomatoes, throw in the sliced chicken breast and leave it in for a minute before adding the cooked noodles in. Stir the rest of the ingredients and add the pre-sliced peppers in and stir. Now add your favorite seasonings. I actually don’t use any salt in my cooking now because I am realizing that almost everything has salt in them.
A combinations of chilled POM drink and Aloe drink (half a cup of Aloe and a quarter of Pom).

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A sinner saved by grace.
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