“Making A Stranger Happier”

I grew up eating fresh coconut. It has the best water and best fruits ever! At the age of 12 year old I master the tree climbing. (I know I know, tree climbing in North America is a sport and entertainment- it brings fun to the entire family!) Where I grew up? it is a necessity and we climb without any harness, too! Lol- if we fall two things will happen, we break all the bones or die. Anyhoo, today I saw coconuts on sale at Ken’s market and I have to have one when I get home. That was my plan………I carried my dessert all the way to Home Depot to pick up my gardening tools and an employee at the store came to me with an excitement tone in his voice saying “oh coconut”! Then he told me he loves coconut and he’s been looking to buy one but didn’t get the chance to do so, nor not knowing where to look! Part of me doesn’t want to give up my dessert but the other half has convinced me to make the man happy. So, I give him my coconut! It work out well for my “daily dose of kindness”. If you have a happy memory you want to share please don’t be shy. Thanks for stopping by!


I borrow these pics from this site; http://www.picsearch.com/index.cgi?start=211&width=1263&q=Coconut


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