“Give Something Money Could Not Buy”

” My daily dose of kindness is visiting with a proud First Nations Woman, name Ashley Spirit”.

With my gardening project on it’s second phase; the gathering of woods have been successfully collected, hand saw borrowed from a friend, I have nails (I hope I got the right size) Lol. And the real hard work will commence this Saturday. Anyhoo,  I really want to share tonight my stupendous time with Ashley Spirit. I got off  from work at 6pm and  decided to head off to Canadian Tire on 7th Avenue and Cambie in Vancouver. On my way there that’s where I met her. Ashley Spirit grew up East and moved to Vancouver 35 years ago. She is a proud Natives, and as I was chatting with her I noticed something about her. Ashley Spirit is very funny, bubbly, very friendly, and I can tell she has lived a very rough life. When talking with her though I wonder, how many people would stop and talk or even look at at Ashley Spirit? So I did my little experiment  on my own while spending 20 minutes with her on the street. I thought alright how many of these lovely people walking by us would look at Ashley Spirit? NO ONE, ZERO!!!!! Very sad!!! But they look at me!! But beside the point; I can tell that Ashley Spirit did enjoy as much as I did our little visit together because we were laughing for something silly and having a deep topics to discuss at times. If you are thinking to do something kind to others, may I encourage you to either “say hello” or talk to the homeless man or woman. Ask how he/she is doing. Trust me, they would love having to talk to anyone. They’ll appreciate being noticed, they also longs to strike a conversation with anyone who pays them a visit. After all, homelessness is a unfortunate events in someone else’s life and we should never avoid the persons like a plague. Because their not. They are people with a heart, mind, and soul. With hopes and dreams just like us! Thank you for reading today and don’t be shy to leave me your comments positive or negative, I’m sure I can learn from both.



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