“My Monday, Et-cetera”

You Know What They Say; You’re Trash Is Someone’s Treasure!

My Monday started with prayer and fasting in our church. Just in case, you’re curios here is the url, http://www.facebook.com/cityviewbaptistchurch. We have a new pastor, his name is Trevor Josh- a very funny man. Trevor has been challenging and encouraging us to hunger and thirst for God which is wonderful. In the afternoon, I did my laundry for about an hour and a half in the laundry mat, nearby. Last week, I mentioned that I am starting a garden project? Right, today I made it happen. I scout the local sport stores in the neighborhood, asking if I could rescue crates /flats, or any woods that are heading towards the landfill for my “daily dose of kindness”. I am happy to tell you that I got 3 from the sport junkies store and one near my garbage bin. Someone had decided to leave the crate there. Its horrible I know, but it works out for me, since I am needing a lot of woods anyway. These four crates will be use as raised beds for my garden. There are few vacant stores that are under renovations right now and you betcha, I will be knocking those doors for their refused items that I can potentially use for this project! Oh yea, I took some pictures of my backyard garden. Here take a look…………………………..!!! Boy, it would be great if you got some advice for a starter gardener, like me. Thanks in advance.

Six years worth of compost! Hmmmm, Yummy……….for my plants!


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