“Adopting Refused Woods”

“Adopting Refused Woods That’s Heading For The Landfill”

Wish me luck! After our six years living in the same building and seeing the empty backyard being wasted away, I finally made my decision to turn it into a garden of fresh and healthy fruits, veges, and herbs! The size of my backyard is decent but I will never eat anything that grow in that soil! So, here’s my plan;

Stage 1: gathering the woods. The Valhalla sport store is relocating and have been renovating a bigger space half a block from us, and after work I saw people inside. One person was kind enough to invite me in and I told him that I would like to adopt some of the refused woods that I could use for fencing to keep small animal out. Starting tomorrow I will be lagging their refused to start mine.

Stage 2: Decide what safe to use to make a raise bed for my veges and herbs. I was told that untreated cedar woods are great to use for this type of projects because it doesn’t break down faster. And also because its void of any chemicals. I sure hope home depot carries them there.

Stage 3: Decide on the length and width of raise beds and how many. Make a list of tools and supplies. I should also be looking at buying some soil as well. I am going to I


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