“We Share A Common Thread”

Since I started my “daily dose of kindness” project, I have met many great people along the way, and experienced great satisfaction through giving without expecting anything back. I also learn many great lessons in life, as I allow myself to look at each and every person I meet without pre judging their characters until I had the chance to know them, first. I realized, that every homeless persons on the streets have on their own unique stories and circumstances to tell. As I listened  to countless of their stories, my heart ache and thankful at how resilient, hopeful and survivor they really are. In my professional life, I have meet plenty of cancer patients and cancer survivors. Some are very young, and some mature. Regardless of their age, or status they fought a good fight to beat cancer successfully and won. Their trials, hopes, fears, and dreams are the same. Who can forget the riot during the hockey night in Vancouver? We watched young people make stupid moves and throw away a clean record? (For some anyway, or is it?) I also met many young people that are making a small and big difference to their community, too. Finally, meeting and helping few elders in my journey, as I find their life experiences very fascinating. If you see one in your neighborhood or on the street strike a conversation with them, you’ll be amazed at how brilliant, witty, and good-nature they really are. If your not shy offer to give her/him a hug. Hugs will not only make their day but yours as well. They’ll remember and appreciate your kindness, for sure!

I learn then that we all share common threads for sure; We all have hopes, dreams, longing to be accepted, to belong, to be happy, and we look to something or someone to offer us satisfaction. And lastly, we aches-we cry, feeling disappointed and sorry to ourselves. We all are the same. What makes us unique is our DNA. So, why can’t we share our life to others? I wonder??? Just my thoughts….. For my daily dose of kindness today, hugging an 82 year old gentleman from work.


About crazykindness

A sinner saved by grace.
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