“Food Bank As My Project”


Can you believe this? It’s Wednesday already!! Where did the time go? Today, after work I stop by at the grocery store for few items to pick up like; skim milk, free run eggs, bananas, chicken breast, and pasta sauces. This particular store (no frills) is running a promotion for the “food bank”. At the check out, the staff have ask me to donate $2 and I did. I was very happy to see that they are starting a lot earlier this year because I think I remember that last year they were experiencing the lowest supplies they ever had in the years they have their doors opened. It didn’t really dawn on me the impact of the $2 dollars I donated until I came home and had a chance to review about my day. Can you imagine if every single persons that walk into that store would donate $2 bucks? And multiply it in five locations in Vancouver alone? Wow, it can easily grow to a million! Of course every body has to give in order to achieve the goals.  


Anyway, this daily dose of kindness grew into an inspiration to create a “food bank jar”. I will make a deposit everyday from a quarter (.25) to a $1. And tomorrow, I am going to ask my boss if I could  for leave a big “food bank jar” at work for customers to donate as well. I am really excited and I hope it goes well. To date, I have $8 in that jar, so far. Yeppyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you ahead of time for reading and liking my post.


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