Take Time To Nurture “You”

ImageToday being Sunday, I want to mix up my blogging a little if that’s okey? For the last 49 (forty nine) entries, my blog contains tangible acts either with my spouse, a bit to myself and mostly to others. Some I know and some I do not know. But today I am going to encourage you to do something for “YOU”. A simple activity without the sweat and void and a  guarantee to melt stress away plus it refreshes your mind, body, and soul. Are you ready?

                                                  Taken in the City Hall -Community Garden…


Step 1: Setting position on a chair, hold on to the sides of your seat (keep your body straight) take a deep breath. Inhale/ exhale, Repeat 3X.

Step 2: Extend your arms as high as it can go. Repeat 3X (Feel your ribs as you are taking in a deep breath).

Step 3: Massage both palms, including your fingers. Only for 60 seconds. Continue the deep breathing and enjoy your moments.

Step 4: Lay on your back and stretch every ligaments as far as you can go. As you do this, count three blessings in your life this week or the previous week.

Lastly: Hug and thank someone who helped you this week, drink your non caffeinated tea, and watch a chick flick movie. There you did it!!!!! Have some tissue nearby just in case……..

ImageIs this helpful?

Feel free to drop me a note.

Thanks for taking care of you!! 


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A sinner saved by grace.
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