“Debit Card Found”

I didn’t plan to blog about a debit card that belong to someone, but I am. Simply because I had my share of losing mine, not just once but a few times! Sigh, lol, sigh!!! Oh it is so annoying to lose something especially, a card on a weekend? Ay………. In a cashless society we are living in we rely so much on the plastic cards to make our purchases. It’s not fun I know! I feel helpless without it. Why use debit over credit card, you may ask? With a simple reason, I can control my spending and I hate paying for a high interest if I happen to forget to pay on time. Lol!!

ImageOh right, back to the debit card I found; I didn’t know what to do with it, so first, I tried asking some people if they have any suggestions; they gave me some. 1. slip it inside the sliding door (impossible no gap to be found), or put it in the machine and punch any number and eventually the machine will eat it up (can’t picture that one). 3. silence, 4. find the person or wait for the owner, (I was tired so I skip it) 5. leave it behind (hmmm, NO), 6. intuitively my idea is to leave a note with my phone number so she can text me if she ever returned to that location!. I have no clue why I thought this is better. Wait, maybe I was responding with my moral values. Her information is safe with me but if the bad person finds it it may not be good for her. Oh one more thing; I tried to search her name in Facebook and internet. Sorry no luck! By Monday if she has not connected with me I could drop it off at any Vancity brunch. I feel bad for her though, what would you have done if you were on my shoes? Leave it, or keep it until she contact you? As always, thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome Saturday!


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