“Crazy About Dogs”

ImageI was on my way to work this morning and I met a dog and his owner (his mummy). Hmmm, how did the conversation started again? Lol, hahaha…. Oh yea, I thanked her for picking up after her dog’s pooped. Dog owners who are responsible of cleaning up after their pet should be appreciated and praised in the public! And the ones who decided to walk away, pretending they didn’t see the mess their dog just drop on my yard should be called upon. By the way, I am thinking of a right thing to say without being punch or worse shot at, (okey maybe I am becoming paranoid a little, bo ho). Any hue, she shared with me why we all love dogs-they are truly are man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal, loving, and protective animals!

I live in Mount Pleasant neighborhood where one of every five people in the street is walking a dog in all sizes and breeds. I love this unplanned day like today. Here I got few shots  with my smart phone……….Oh except the whippet, I added their site, too.

(Baba the dog) is relaxing while his owner is having coffee at one of the local shops!


                                     Cruz stole half of my heart! Sooooooo cute!


                        Whippets make good and quiet companions..



Got this photo from the above site.

Cheers Dog Lovers!

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