“Bullies At Work”

Bullies bullies bullies. Oh man I feel like a teenage girl again. Except I didn’t have internet connection growing up so my option to blog is off the window. But I was in grade nine and my bully is a big boy and a lot older than me. And why bullies always pick on the most vulnerable, shy, with maybe physical limitation, in smaller frame than they are, and they always have company. In the school playground options were quite few, we either fight back or avoid the taunters with all the possibilities of running into them!?!

But what about the bullies at work, have you had any experienced with that? How did you handle that person and still remain professional? Hmm, this is not an easy subject at all, is it? I must admit, it makes me sad and uncomfortable discussing about this issue but on the other hand, bullying continues when we empower them through our silence. No, I am talking about lashing out uncontrollably. But I am talking about asking questions that allow them to reflect of their actions in the right time and place. We have a responsibility with our attitude as much as the bullies too. But it is in our right to protect ourselves so that the job is getting done, sanity intact, and stress level is low. I mentioned earlier about my bully in high school? One day, I came home so distraught and had asked my brother to intervened in the predicament I was in. So I asked my brother to fight my battle but instead, he gave me the best help he could ever provided. By not getting involved, he empowered me to stand up for myself.  He said “if you want your bully to stop taunting you you have to talk to him and tell him you did not like being bullied” I thought at that time, how stupid is that? But it made sense! In the next few days I did nothing but observed this boy and his behavior. I found out something good about him that I later used. When I finally found my courage to talk to him face to face I focused on what is good about him. Then I told him that if he wants to bully someone that he should find his equal match. My story had a happy ending- we became great friends after our talked. Ignoring the bullies mean we approve and support their action or behavior. I think we have this right to give the person a chance to see their own folly and call upon it. And the most loving thing that we can do with our current bully is to wait for the right timing and the right place. We have to remember people don’t change, The person who bully others in the school yard when they become adults they will be bullies at work too! Do you agree in this statement or disagree? Your turn.


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