“Bringing Wholesome Friends Into The Journey”

As I ponder in life today I realize something; we are part of this bigger story in life. Each has her/his own parts to play in this life. Sometimes, we take the time to rehearse our story lines and there are times we just do it by the seat of our pants, but whatever the outcome it has become part of the history. We all journey, every single one of us is a sojourner of this world. We constantly hunger for more even though, we just got back from a holiday. Do you ever noticed that? It feels like there’s a huge hole in our being, a vacuum so vast that it can never be satisfy regardless of what we try to do?!? If I can start another project I would try to call it “Feed the vacuum” or something like that! Anyway, in our journey we meet new people, we move away, get married, pursuing a career, parenthood, health issues, marital struggles, and etc. And often times we become awfully busy with our choices (sometimes, we don’t have any say to the matter) and we forget to invite our old friends to come along side us in our journey.

Today, I was reminded of this. I have a wonderful friend we met at my previous church, before I moved away to join a new church closer to my community we had meeting once a week. Then for whatever reason it just stopped. The benefit of wholesome friendship is to have a support, encouragement, praying for one another, and challenging our way of thinking and our behavior.  I was there when she lost her husband to cancer three years ago. I cried with her during her mourning, when she was going through some tough times at work due to insubordinate employee, and in her loneliest hour, I was there! And vice versa; she was there for me when I was going through some tough challenges in my marriage, changed of employment, failed business, the uncertainty of the future. It feels great to walk along the narrow way when we know we have faithful friends who walk along side us. Cheering us on, giving us support and advice when life gets tougher and when our mind is cloudy. This summer it’s my goal to rebuild some lost friends and make new ones smarter. Rebuilding my relationship with a friend tonight is my daily dose of kindness. It was a great evening of catching up again. I love it when we can be so honest, trust, and encourage one another to live an authentic lives.

It’s your turn-share with us if you have any experienced in rebuilding relationships. Does it come easy for you? Thank you in advance.


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A sinner saved by grace.
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