“On Your Birthday- Love!”

Tonight we are eating out to my husband’s favorite restaurant for his birthday- the Red Robin on Robson and Thurlow. We’re both very relaxed people, we don’t like being fuss with birthdays celebration. But since, I do all the cooking in the house I think it will be nice to have someone cook for him on this day!? Don’t you think so? My husband will have Whiskey River BBQ beef burger with yam fries! Hmmmmm…….Watering mouth dinner- Yummy!!!! I had whiskey river BBQ chicken burger with Caesar salad. Oh, Red Robin restaurant on West Broadway is closed for two months now. Lol!!!! Sigh……. sad because we like to go to this location for a special occasions. Anyway, after we made the payment my husband had noticed a charge that we weren’t aware of. Anyway, with this mix ups the staff at this restaurant did everything right. At the end, we were very happy with our dinner and their service. The manager came to our table to apologize and offer my husband a gift card, value of $10. Apology would have suffice it but adding value to that they have won our future business and blogging about them in a positive notes is better than on the sour note. Best night, best service experienced. Thank you Red Robin.

    Hubby’s Dinner- Whiskey River BBQ Beef Burger with Yam Fries.

 Mine: Whiskey River BBQ Beef Burger with Caesar Salad.


For his dessert, we went to Starbucks across the street where he received a large Caramel Macchiato. This is not much for some but for my husband this is more than enough. Oh yea, I made his breakfast of bacon, omelette white eggs, cocoa with milk, and strawberry pancake. Delicious!! I think this is my daily dose of kindness for today.

Happy Birthday Love!


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