“You Cannot Change A Person’s Character”

My husband has told me so many times before, that one of the many reasons he’s married me because of my personal values and hospitality! Of course, I jokingly asked him if my good looks is part of it? Ah, we both knew that beauty is fleeting, but characters does remain the same.

I got a friend, he told me today that he’s had a fight with his GF before she left for UK. Apparently this young  woman has had received an advice from her friends to get a job under the table upon arriving in UK, so that she can avoid paying taxes. My friend doesn’t think that this is right for her to even consider this crazy idea. He believes, that no matter where you are and what you do- it is always better to do the right thing all the time. This will eliminate the constant worries in life. Of course, this woman is angry with him for not supporting her decision. I think, that the only people who cares about her the most is the person who is her least favorite, my friend. I respect him more for standing up for what is right. The only encouragement I could offer him is to look at the future. My husband’s quote “if you can’t be trusted in the small things, you can’t be trusted in the bigger things”! And in order for any relationships to survive, not to mention lasting are the two people must be in the same page. “The two cannot walk together in the same direction, unless you agree. And in the end, he’s need to review his commitment. I think, he knows the answer. He gets it, he cannot change the GF’s  attitude but he needs to remain authentic on who he is. Never to compromise the character in the name of love. To my friend, you deserve the best. Don’t give up!



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