“A Homeless Salesman”

I bought this postcard from the homeless salesman……

This daily dose of kindness is witnessing a homeless man trying to make a living by selling a stack of postcards on the streets. This is very unusual picture for me to watch because when you see a homeless individual they’re just get right in asking for money. Today, however, is different-this man instead of begging for money he is actually a salesman. Here’s the thing; Long time ago, I have decided to not give any cash to any body out there who is asking. One of the reasons for this is I met one of the many homeless guys in my life but this one was loaded. Literally! His bowling size bag was full of cash, but he has no remorse or any guilt with a senior woman, who probably gave out her last cash. And then of course, there is another instances where the the cash is usually used for cigarettes or drugs.

Right, back to my daily dose of kindness. What really surprises me was this man’s approach to making money. He didn’t go with the traditional way, he is creative and resourceful and for this reason that I feel its okey to break my own rules. So, I gave him my change in exchange to the postcard he was selling. It’s not the postcard though, but his approach was unique and different.  It is why, doing business with him is my “daily dose of kindness. Thank you for reading.


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4 Responses to “A Homeless Salesman”

  1. That was nice of you! In India you see people hustling all the time – I guess not so much in developed countries though (it’s ok to beg but not so ok to hustle).

    • Thank you for your comments. It’s true hustling is more common in developing countries, especially in India. Is this because of poor people are trying to survive? If more people are in the same predicament, then they’ll do everything to put food on the table!?! What do you think?
      In Canada, the majority of homeless begging for money is so they can have their fixed in drugs and cigarettes.

    • Thanks butimbeautiful for making a difference in the world through your blogging.

  2. pobept says:

    I tend to agree with you, a begging is just that begging – in most cases uses the cash he/she begged off working people to buy drugs or booze.
    This guy is a Small Business man.

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