“A Million Thank You To My Heroes-The Firefighters”!

Fire is intense. Fire is dangerous. Fire could kill, and fire destroys. However, fire sometimes gives warmth. Witnessing the fire yesterday afternoon is really scary and I could not shake off the thought that those firefighters who served and put out the fires were putting themselves in great danger. Sure, they were trained to spot the dangers and watch each others back, but my imagination got a hold of me. Thinking that the roof could cave in while the men are busy hosing the fire out. Oh my…Thankfully though this images were just in my head.

Anyway, what I want to do for the “daily dose of kindness” today is to thank all the firefighters who serve their community, especially those who put out the fires on West Broadway & MacDonald. Thank you so much for your service, and for putting yourselves in a harms way to save others. May God watch over you and your family always. May you have the wisdom and confidence to face the dangers, daily. May you all shine and be a great example to boys and girls, who someday will become firefighters, too. And may we grow a deeper appreciation of the role you each have chosen to do. This is my way of saying thank you “HEROES”!



The gathering of information. Taken after the fire is completely out.




Red is the color of our Flag, our Pride! I am proud of our service men and women.




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