“Innocent Fire”

It was very sad witnessing the fire destroyed few businesses and suites on West Broadway & MacDonald. This is all because the tenant upstairs lit a candle while meditating in the other room?!? Lol….! Another reason never to leave a  lit candle unattended.

Just finishing up chatting with my two friends at cobs bakery after my volunteer for bread pick up. It was maybe about 7:18pm, a woman knocked the door because at this time cobs is already closed. She was screaming and telling us to get out the store because there is a fire next door!!!!!!! The word “fire” causes the three of us to panicked! I pick up my keys and bags and the two ladies followed suit with there personal belongings. The two left for home and I stayed behind to watch the whole incident. Anyway, its best to show you the events unfolded.Taken from my smart phone.

            #1- Bellowing of smoke-just 2 minutes before the firefighters arrived!

#2-Heavy & dark smoke-Firefighters have arrived!

                  #3- The smoke is getting intense. There are two FireFighters on that roofs!

 #4- Finally the fires………..

#5- Getting intense!

#6-The guys have started hosing it with water!

                                                            #7- Won’t quit!

#8- The fire on the right is still alive! The fire had destroyed the Bowring Co. store.

#9- I took the shot with my smart phone after the men have put out the fire!

#10- The yellow tapes were added!

#11- One of the men took a red ax from the truck. Can’t see it though.

#12- Thank you for your service………………


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